Age: 18

Major: Cultural Anthrology (Pre-Med track)

B-day: October 23, Scorpio

Likes: Discovery Channel, Outdoors, Non-mainstream sports, Food.

Dislikes: Dishonesty, Laziness, and Being Messy

Alex is the kind of guy who you either love or hate. He will be the best friend he can be for anyone, and fiercely loyal, but as soon as they break his trust (which isn't hard to do) he can just as easily shun them. Candi adores him because of this, (she can't stay mad at anyone for more than 5 minutes) but hates it when his personality works against her. Candi is one of the few people that Alex can forgive and forget with, and for her sake, tries to give people second chances. He knows he's an asshole most of the time, but frankly, he really doesn't care. He knows he's not a bad person at heart, and if other people aren't willing to see that- well, to hell with them. Alex also has a strange relationship with Candi's roommates He gets along alright with Jon, but senses a lot of tension from Jon's part. Laura and Trevor are pretty indifferent with him, and Jessica seems to hate him. The only one he hasn't met in the house is Linda because she moved in late, and he doesn't visit the scholarship house that often.