Age: 18

Major: Marine Biology

B-day: Feb 14, Aquarius

Likes: Fish, Reptiles, Action Movies, and Theme Parks

Dislikes: Tomatoes, Stupid Rules, Cleaning, and Cold Weather

Jon is a nice guy who can't seem to say no to people. Especially girls. Candi has told him this many times, but he says he doesn't mind if she takes advantage of him. So, Candi gets a lot of free sodas from him. She feels too guilty if she asks for anything else. They've known each other since middle school and despite the constant teasing, they became really good friends.

Jon doesn't think to highly of Alex, but as long as Candi is happy with him, he doesn't care. His roommate is Trevor, who he's kinda weirded out by, but it on good terms with. He likes Jessica's attitude. He thinks its fun to get under Laura's skin. But that she and Linda are cool girls and enjoys friendly flirting with them.