Age: 19

Major: Political Science

B-day: March 15, Pisces

Likes: Peace and Quiet, Reading, Celebrity gossip

Dislikes: Too much affection and people who use her stuff without asking.

Jessica is one of the first people in her family to attend college. So, she takes her work and her time very seriously. She's determined to succeed in everything she does, so she doesn't but up with bullsh*t very lightly. She normally has a quick temper, but she's been trying to work on that since living the scholarship houses. No one wants to get kicked out because they choked someone to death... maybe...

Jess thinks Candi is okay, but thinks she's a bit too sweet. It kinda bugs her, but she feels that its her problem, not Candi's, since no one else seems to be bothered. She doesn't really appreciate Trevor's disregard for the rules, but doesn't say anything because she might need to break the rules for herself one day. Even though Linda is her roomie, they don't talk to each other very much. Jess doesn't mind this at all. Jon annoys Jessica to no end. She doesn't know why, but he just gets under her skin. Laura and she get along pretty good.