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1. Morning Routine
Start of the comic!
Candi is new art major and she’s getting used to her roommates and college life.
2. Fine Art?
Candi’s frustrated with her new Art Professor, Mr. Fitz.
3. Ferret
Linda brings home a stowaway.
4. Cooperative Living
The roommates learn how to live in each others spaces... sorta.
5. High School Flashback
How Candi and Alex started dating.
6. Stuffed Bunnies & Jobs
Jon’s bunny present gets lost. Candi realizes she needs a part-time job. An art project is a little too detailed...
7. Privacy
There’s a lack of privacy at the scholarship house. Candi seeks refuge at Alex’s and learns someone’s engaged!
8. Rave Club
The roommates go out dancing and discover something about Trevor.
Jon learns not to leave a glass unattended.
9. Friends and Family
After hanging out with Alex and Candi, Linda schemes to break them up. Jess’s brother is looking for her. Candi bumps into an annoying acquaintance.
10. Just Friends...
Laura finds out who Trevor is dating and realizes her feelings for him might be stronger than she thought. Everyone else hangs out together.
11. Tactics
Linda uses massages to know Alex better. Laura gets a new job at Moonbucks to be closer to Matt. Candi buys an iPod and has her final exams. Jon goes on a date.
12. Good Times?
A new semester starts!
13. Dates
Rebecca and Candi meet for the first time. Candi and Alex visit the Bat House.
14. Ridiculousness
Laura decides to try and seduce Trevor again.
15. Oscar-worthy
Jess has a crush on Chris. Alex and Candi make dinner. Matt watches over Menjou.
16. The Fair
Candi, Jon, Jess, & Chris take the kids to the county fair.
17. Little Crossover
Short crossover storyline for the “Big Webcomics Crossover” in 2007.
18. Moore Issues
Trevor’s father make a visit to the scholarship house. Candi deals with her break-up.
19. Self-Destructive
Trevor’s issues with his father causes problems with his relationships.
20. Refresh
Laura and Matt recover their bond. Jess and Candi fulfill a scholarship requirement.

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Candi is a comic about college roommates learning how to
become adults, starring a naive fine art major and her telepathic

Starline X. Hodge is a Los Angeles based Cartoonist and Graphic Designer.
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