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21. Before Vacation
Trevor plans a vacation for the roomies in hopes to impress Matt. Linda schemes.

22. Spring Break

23. Trying to Fix Things
After Candi finds out about Linda's relationship with Alex, Linda tries to smooth things over.
24. Tension
Linda High School Flashback. Her first lesson.
25. Getting Over and Under
Candi signs up for a yoga class to try and help with stress and heartache. Doesn't go exactly as planned.
26. Lovely Bunch of Coconut Rebecca brings Coconut to the Scholarship House. Menjou is not amused.
27. Matchbreaker
Matt and Trevor crash Laura's new hot date.
28. Stretch Relief
Candi starts figuring out what she wants and doesn't want. Menjou wants to visit Coconut.
29. Confidence
Linda is having a hard time with her roommates and visits home. Alex tests Candi's patience.
30. Changes
Finals is almost done, and the roomies plan an end of the year party.
31. What The Did That Summer
Summer Break!
32. Sophomore Start
New semester, new roomies, and some new problems.
33. Give Blood, Get Paid?
Trevor and Candi try to donate blood to get extra cash.
34. Reality Check, Testing One Two Katia's excited about a package in the mail. Jessica can't deal with her hyperactiveness. Candi & Thad get graded. Jon tells Trevor how he's been making side money.
35. 2. ??? 3. Profit!
Trevor tries a new quick money making scheme. Jessica and Katia continue guitar lessons.
36. No Shame! Get Game!
The roomies go to a frat party. Katia tries to learn how to flirt.
37. Hide and Seek
Candi and Jon spend some time hanging out together. Becca discovers a secret. Trevor gets a job interview.
38. I Made A Huge Mistake
Katia tries her new flirting skills on Alex.
39. Responsible
Trevor tells Laura and Matt what happended on his job interview. Alex makes a pass at Katia. Jon explains why he hasn't asked Candi out. Bianca contronts Linda about her behavior.
40. People To Turn To
Alex tries to talk to Candi about his problems. Laura and Jess bond over books. Linda gets a sexy police ticket.

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Candi is a comic about college roommates learning how to
become adults, starring a naive fine art major and her telepathic

Starline X. Hodge is a Los Angeles based Cartoonist and Graphic Designer.
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