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Wednesday, Jan 13th 2016

It's my 33rd Birthday today!


Friday, July 3rd 2015

So I keep forgetting about Candi's anniversary in June! But better late than never. Here's to 11 years!


Thursday, April 22nd 2015

Woo! Guess who's officially the new Graphic Designer at Discovery Digital Media LA - DeFranco Creative (PDS - SourceFed - SourceFedNerd - FHP) ?!?! :D (Hint: Me.)

This is very exciting because I get to make EVEN MORE cool art things. I'm pretty stoked. (Plus, finally getting health insurance benefits is pretty sweet too.)

I'm also still working on freelance for Cracked and other projects so that's why the Candi updates have been more sporadic lately. (In addition to still trying to have a social life and such. ::sigh::)

Anyway, be sure to follow my Tumblr, Instagram, Twitter, to see extra art or extra bits of my life if you are interested in that sorta thing.

Also, I super appreciate those who have been supporting Candi via Patreon or those who have been buying Candi art from my Etsy shop! It's been incredibly helpful and it keeps the site going! Thanks again!



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